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What are Circles of Fire?
Circles of Fire™ are Karma building, ever expanding, Circles of Influence.

In other words, they are positive ways to expand your horizons, friendships, and business prowess.

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Welcome to CIRCLES of Fire ™ by Plus Dragon.
In this area you will learn best practices for developing and growing your personal or business circles of influence.  Before we discuss the best methods for utilizing Plus Dragon and Google Plus, let's learn more about circles of influence so that we can better understand how to incorporate Google+ into our growth strategy.
  • What are circles of influence?
Social circles can be used for many purposes. Some times they are used for personal reasons and often times for business. Regardless of how you plan to utilize your social acquaintances (business or pleasure), you can count on the fact that your decisions and actions associated with your acquaintances will effect your relative or perceived social status.

According to a January 2000, paper written by Steve Montague at the Performance Management Network, Circles can be used to represent different levels of control or influence. Steve described the difference between the Operational Circle, Behavioral Circle, and State Circle. Although not specifically tied to Google Circles, these terms help us understand some of the aspects behind social circles and circles of influence as they relate to business management. Although this is based on a business perspective, you can easily correlate this information for personal use in a non business environment.

The following quote (which is only a portion of Steve's comments) can be found at

"Operational Circle: This circle represents your operational environment. As a manager, you have direct control over the behaviors within this sphere. The people within this circle are assumed to have at least a strongly common mission to you. This may be because you exercise some kind of authority (e.g., employees) and / or you share a pervasive belief system or mission (e.g., a volunteer organization or sports team).

Behavioral Change Circle: This circle represents your environment of direct influence. As a manager, you (your operations) have contact with and, therefore, an opportunity to directly influence the people in this group. Unlike your operational circle, however, these people are not necessarily assumed to hold a common mission to you. You typically do not exercise day-to-day authority (control) over this group. Customers, clients and co-delivery partners, suppliers and other people or groups with whom you have direct, mission-oriented contact are included here.

State Circle: This circle represents your environment of indirect influence - the community or communities relevant to the mission. As a manager, you (your operations) do not have direct (interactive) contact with all of the people in this circle and, therefore, you do not have the ability to directly influence them. However, the nature of their business or areas of interest creates a possibility for indirect influence through behaviors that get adopted from those within your circle of direct influence. Industrial groups or sectors, communities, associations and associated areas of common practice or location would be included in this group."

Plus Dragon believes strongly that we must all work hard to expand our scope of influence (if we are using our influence for good and not evil). One purpose of expanding our network is to broaden our horizons and to educate ourselves and others regarding our personal interests or business interests.

  • Stay focused on the task of growing your Circles of Influence
Those who choose to focus their time and energy on growing their scope of Influence are typically the movers and shakers of the world. Although this unfortunately does not guarantee happiness, an improved amount of influence can potentially bring joy.
  • Best Way to Grow Circles
By pouring energy into our Circle of Influence, we are actually able to expand it. Conversely, when we do not focus enough, we cause our circle to shrink. Therefore, if you wish to grow your circles, it is critical to put forth great effort.
  • Comments : Create well thought out comments. Make certain you are not using a cookie cutter approach. If you plan to comments on someone's post, be certain to actually READ THEIR POST FIRST. If you are simply cutting and pasting generic comments, you have serviced no purpose for yourself or for others.
  • Share : Share information that you believe would be HELPFUL to others. If you read a post on someone's stream, be sure to share that post with your friends. Yes, this is helping the person that originated the post, but it will help you as well. For example, if I am following your circle and you provide information in your stream that is helpful, I am more likely to continue following you. If you are sharing garbage, I will stop following you for certain.
  • Post Messages : commenting on post from others and sharing posts from others is only half the battle (less then half). It is important for you to also create well thought out and unique posts for your own stream. If you want your circle to grow, you will need to post interesting information to give people a reason to follow you. In addition, if you post something interesting, it is more likely someone will "comment" for you and "share" for you.
  • +1 Helps : As we learn more about the +1 feature we will help better explain the purpose for using +1. For now, let's suffice by simply stating that using the +1 can't hurt (well, at this time, we think it can't).
  • Organize Hangouts : Someone needs to be the event organizer. Stepping up to be the organizer or leader is not always the easiest thing to accomplish. For one, someone else may be asserting strength and pushing to be the organizer. Work hard to organize a hangout that will benefit you and all members of the hangout.
In the opinion of Plus Dragon, "Karma" does matter. Be good to others, and good will come to you. If you wish to grow your circles, make sure to always follow the "Golden Rule".   Following the Golden Rule is step one for achieving Circles of Fire on Google+
As a reminder, "Circles of Fire™" are Karma building, ever expanding, Circles of Influence. It is important to build them.
  • More Circles of Fire tips and services will follow soon.

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