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Luca Luca

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Luca Luca

Luca Luca is a high fashion women's luxury lifestyle brand that originates in Milan, Italy. Luca Luca carries its signature collection of ready-to-wear in exclusive couture and designer fabrics and specializes in feminine silhouettes in an extraordinary spectrum of colors. The unique color combinations and tight silhouettes have become the line's singnature, and the germents often show up on the red carpet and society circuit.
The first Luca Luca collection debuted in September 1991, with a unique infusion of classic Italian craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and an appealing modern edge. The first boutique opened on Madison Avenue in New York City the following year.
Luca Luca is based in the center of the garment district in Midtown Manhattan.
In early 2008, the founder of the company, Luca Orlandi, appointed Raul Melgoza as the new creative director. Melfoza was born and raised in California.



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